The construction industry has been a key component to our growth and success.

Steel has become one of the main factors in the growth of the construction industry around the world. More and more developers depend on steel manufacturers to provide quality steel to ensure stronger more efficient structuring while focusing on keeping costs manageable. MetaFor International has been continuously developing its growth in this industry using state of the art design software to give better options to our clients searching for alternative sources for their steel requirements. While maintaining the strictest
guidelines , our engineering concentrates on eliminating any and all possible risks in providing the best solutions to our client. Many other suppliers stress the importance of cutting costs and increasing profits.

The result is always the same: poor results. Lower quality steels, late production and delivery and critical errors in specifications have caused many to suffer serious setbacks. In one case where MetaFor was mandated to inspect a new mill that cost in the tens of millions, our engineers discovered several flaws that were not in accordance with the plans set forth by that company. Lower quality steel, inaccurate measurements and poor installation methods were evident in almost 75% of the entire constructed site. The result was a six month delay in the commissioning of the project and the inevitable repair and replacing of several sections using the proper steel and methods of installation. MetaFor commits itself to providing only the best materials, using state of the art engineering and planning and meeting the budgetary and lead-time targets set by the client. Our products are guaranteed. We know the importance of delivering the right products and services and on time. From the smallest to large scale turn key projects, our clients have counted on MetaFor International for over 20 years for their steel, planning and engineering requirements.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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